Week 1

Syllabus -- what does our class cover?
Syllabus -- Class procedures and material
Re-watch Peter Norvig's talk online teaching talk
Read the syllabus and other general information
About the electronic text
Using the topic modules
More on what we cover

Week 2

How does an online survey work?
Computer components
List servers
Michael Wesch on the classroom, discussion and learning
Internet writing is important
Writing short documents

Week 3

Using Google Drive/Docs
Retrieving a Web page
URL -- uniform resource locator
Network versus stand-alone applications

Week 4

Internet reading (and writing) Zen
The important role of questions in education
Using Google Plus

Week 5
What "they" know about you and how they use it
Internet surveillance
IP packets and addresses
Communities of common interest

Week 6
Data quantity – how much data?
Communication link speed
Google hangouts
Number systems (CIS majors)

Week 7
Some questions
Embedded computers
Self driving cars
What is a program?
Information flow inside a computer
program execution (CIS majors)

Week 7

What is a Web log (blog)?

Week 8

Midterm exam
Create a blog

Week 9
Popular Web client and server software
Using Twitter
Citizen journalism
Retrieving complex pages -- its all bits

Week 10

What is a wiki?
Rating and reputation on the Internet
What is image processing?
Image characteristics
Image used in Paint.net demonstration
Long image used in Paint.net demonstration
Using Paint.net
An image processing session
An image processing demonstration

Week 11

Network services, pros and cons
Data + code => information
Demonstration of transparency and layers
Image layers
Data type evolution
A short history of tools for collaboration

Week 12

Audio processing overview
Audio recording
Audio processing demonstration
Editing speech with Audacity
Moving packets across the Internet
Text editor versus word processor

Week 13

Configure Audacity to export .mp3 files
Communication speed

Week 14

You will only be responsible for the topics we cover in class. The others are optional for the benefit of CIS majors or other interested students.

Encoding images
Image compression demonstrationImage compression
Pixel is geek for "dot"
RGB color
Introducing HTML
Attributes of HTML tags
HTML demonstration
Compressing audio
Recording and encoding audio data
Technology progress
Web history and Internet culture
Application deployment evolution
Exponential growth
Collaborative writing
The Web – vision, prototype and product
Innovation timing

Week 15

Final exam
Late assignments due at the time of your final