List of topic modules covered during the fall 2010 semester

Weeks 1 and 2

General material from the class home page
Course overview
List server
Computer components

Week 3

Information flow inside a computer
Application programs
Creating a Twitter account
Using Twitter
Background survey from the class home page
Comments on Michael Wesch's talk from the class home page

Week 4

What is a blog (Web log)
Writing for the Internet
Zen and the art of Internet reading and writing
Internet reading
Writing short documents
Retrieving a Web page

Week 5

Using the Google Docs word processor
Retrieving complex pages -- it's all bits
Networked applications
User interfaces with Blogger as an example
IP packets and addresses
Conversational writiing

Week 6

Collaborative writing
What is image processing?
Image characteristics
An image processing session
An image processing demonstration

Week 7

Data quantity -- how much data?
Data + code → information
How social media can make history
Image processing examples

Week 8

You own your own words
Image compression
Image compression demonstration
Compression and information

Week 9

Data type evolution

Week 10

RSS -- real simple syndication
Using Google's RSS reader
Introducing HTML
Attributes of HTML tags
HTTP, the hypertext transfer protocol
Web history and Internet culture

Week 11

The Filezilla FTP client
Your account on
TCP/IP communication software

Week 12

Short HTML reference
Counting (number systems review)
RGB colors
The transport layer
Audio recording
Exporting .mp3 files

Week 13

What is a wiki?
The Internet layer
Ping and tracert demo
The domain name system

Week 14

Encoding images
The data link layer
Communication link characteristics

Week 15

The physical layer
Recording and encoding audio data
Audio compression
Technology progress
Course overview
Selected slides from the semester